Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yea, this pic right here, is all about fallin for the wrong chick. Like she does no wrong in your eyes, but every body else can peep game. You're caught up in the rapture, in the illusion of an ideal. She has you wrapped around her finger and she knows it. As with any illusion after a while it fades and sometimes it turns into a cold harsh reality. Thats when you realize my friend.........I KNOW YOU DON'T LOVE ME. HA!


Every time, i do a pic, with some sort of nudity, i get the same reaction. It's like that chick is naked, you're a perv, you only draw women if they are naked. My reasoning for that is, you wouldnt get a vintage corvette and cover it wit a blanket, hiding the curves and lines. So basically with this piece, it's a very strong, independent woman but she is soft also. The idea is she's confident with herself, where as with most women if there breast got exposed they would quickly cover it. With her she leaves it exposed. That takes a confident women and theres something sensual about it too, a softness that's sexy. Yet, some people only see a chick with her tit hanging out, so maybe they are the pervs. lol


This picture, came about, from the duality i see in women. Particularly, when they are in love.
For how ever nice a woman can be, she also has the ability to be that destructive and cold.
Emotions are as delicate as a hair trigger at times.
So what i was aiming for was to show both beauty and a coldness, lil confusion too.
In a way love and hate, are the same emotion.
You really don't have the conviction to hate something, unless you once loved it.